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Furanyl Fentanyl Joins U-47,700 as the Second Illicit Opioid Banned by DEA

Thursday, December 01, 2016

"The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency < a href=""> issued its final rule yesterday that placed furanyl fentanyl onto the Schedule I list of controlled substances, effectively criminalizing the manufacture, sale and use of the substance. This final action follows from a September 27 notice of intent that could have led to a final action within 30 days.

What is furanyl fentanyl? Well, it’s never been sold as a prescription pharmaceutical. Unless you’ve been buying opioids through non-medical channels, you are unlikely to have encountered it. Furanyl fentanyl is a chemical relative of the medically useful drug, fentanyl, and is the latest of fentanyl analogues that clandestine chemists have been making to circumvent international controlled substances laws."

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Source: Forbes