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FDA Hardens Stance Against Use of CBD Oil in Supplements

Thursday, November 16, 2017

[11/03/17] FDA sent warning letters to four companies marketing products containing CBD sold as dietary supplements. Two of the companies, Stanley Brothers Social Enterprises and That's Natural Marketing and Consulting, are located in Colorado. Another, Natural Alchemist, is in California while the fourth, Green Roads Health, is based in Florida. 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non narcotic fraction of Cannabis sativa that has been studied for a variety of health effects, including pain management and antispsmodic effects. It was there properties that prompted English drug maker GW Pharmaceuticals to begin the process of bringing two CBD-based drugs to market--Epidiolex for childhood epilepsy and Sativex for spasms related to MS and pain experienced by patients undergoing cancer treatment. 

FDA has ruled that CBD is excluded from use in dietary supplements because of the prior IND (Investigational New Drug application) filed by GW pharmaceuticals, but that hasn't stopped product developers from offering it for sale in a wide variety of products including beverages, foods and supplement-like delivery forms such as capsules and tinctures. There doesn't' appear to be a perceived public health risk for these products as there was for DMAA, so the agency has not instituted a broad action to remove them from the market, nor has it issued a consumer warning on the products. 

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Source: NutraIngredients - USA